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By Ashley Werthmann

This year I had a very special guest for Thanksgiving. You may have heard of him but I’ll bet you don’t know him. I invited Santa Claus for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. It was the weirdest thing. He rode Blitzen to my house. When he walked in, my family and I were overjoyed. We all sat down at the table and that’s when it happened. Santa broke Mom’s chair, not on purpose though. I think it was an accident. So then we moved the couch up to the table for him and we all sat down. For Thanksgiving dinner we had Santa’s favorite meal, turkey with pickle juice on top with raw fish on the sides. Gross! It was gross to even see my Mom make it. Well guess what, Santa loved it. He went back to the kitchen for more. So after dinner it was time for Santa to leave. He gave everyone a small gift and was on his way. He said he needed to focus on Christmas which is right around the corner. I tried to ask him you know the questions we all what to know. He said it’s top secret! Oh well. But, he did do a big belly laugh!!!