Answer each of the questions below using the discussions tab. Your answers MUST be typed in COMPLETE sentences!!!!!!!!!! Then follow the directions after question number five.
Chapters 1 and 2

1. Grandfather loves to play tricks on little Willy. What is the trick that makes Grandfather laugh until he cries?

2. Why does little Willy find his plate in the chicken coop one morning?

3. Why do you think Grandfather's beard is full of tears as he lies in bed?

4. What does Doc Smith believe is wrong with Grandfather?

5. How do little Willy and Searchlight manage to harvest the crop of potatoes?

Complete the online crossword puzzle for chapters 1 and 2. ****

Chapter 3 Activity
Pages 22-29

In the discussion tab, type 3-5 sentences about how you or someone you know can connect to this part of the story. Be sure to use direct connections relating the story (situations, character names, places, etc.). Connections can include things that have happened at home or at school. They can be things that have happened to you or to someone you know. They can be things that have happened recently, or things that have happened in the past.

Chapter 4 Vocabulary.
Print out the vocabulary page and follow the directions.

external image pdf.png [[file/view/Vocabulary Words for Chapter 4 of Stone Fox.pdf|Vocabulary Words for Chapter 4 of Stone Fox.pdf]]

Answer each of the questions below using the discussions tab. Your answers MUST be typed in COMPLETE sentences!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 5 and 6

1. Mr. Foster at the bank advises Willy to sell the farm. Why do you think he gives that advice?

2. Tell about the idea Willy gets to make some money after he visits Lester's General Store.

3. Do you believe that grandfather would agree with what Willy is trying to do?

4. What is Stone Fox's dream for his people?

Chapter 5 Activity
Copy and paste this activity on Microsoft word. Comnplete the activity, print it, and turn the sheet in to me.

May I Please Borrow Some Money? In chapter 5 of Stone Fox, little Willy goes to the bank looking for a way to come up with the $500 that the tax collector, Clifford Snyder, says Grandfather owes the state of Wyoming. Mr. Foster, the president of the bank, refuses to give Willy a loan. ". . .How could you pay it back?" Mr. Foster asks little Willy.

Pretend that it is May 1, and summer vacation is just around the corner. This year, instead of just relaxing by the pool, watching baseball, and reading, you and a friend want to start a business and earn some money. You need $50 to buy capital (tools and equipment) and some supplies to get your business started.

Instructions: Complete this activity as a "business plan" that you will use to apply for a $50 loan. If you can't convince someone (parent, relative, bank loan officer) that you have a good idea AND that you will be able to pay the loan back, then you will not be able to borrow any money.

My business is (circle one):
Yard and Garden Work (raking leaves, pulling weeds, etc.)
Entertaining Toddlers and Preschoolers Cleaning Garages, Basements, or Attics
Washing Cars Pet Care (walking, grooming, feeding, etc.) Other:
List the resources you will need to start your business. Then circle the things on your list that are "capital" — tools and equipment that you can use over and over.

Now look back at your list. Do you have all items? If you don't, you must buy them. Make sure that $50 will be enough, otherwise you must take something off your list or borrow more money (ask for a bigger loan).
When you borrow money, the "loan" must be repaid. How and when do you plan to pay the money back?

Once you have a list of needed capital that you can purchase for $50 or less and a plan to repay the money, you're ready to apply for your loan. Good luck!!